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Getting knee ache? Here is the way to age-proof your knees, Life-style, Well being Information

Getting knee ache? Here is the way to age-proof your knees, Life-style, Well being Information

2020-02-14 08:33:00

As Asians, sitting on the ground with legs folded comes naturally to us.

We additionally have a tendency to love the complete (deep) squat place. In international locations equivalent to India and China, individuals – even the aged – use it to have conversations, eat, wash garments, take images and do a complete lot of issues.

Final week, I used to be travelling alongside the east-west freeway and stopped at one of many relaxation areas as my seven-year-old niece needed to make use of the bathroom.

There have been loads of sitting bathrooms out there, however the majority of travellers, younger and outdated, had been ready in line to make use of the squatting ones.

Whether or not it is a choice or they discover it extra handy, one factor for positive is that their knees are fairly sturdy.

My niece, then again, doesn’t know the way to use this kind of rest room and refuses to study as a result of she thinks it is unhygienic.

My former colleague, who was born and raised abroad for many of her life, could not fathom the fascination Malaysians have for squatting bathrooms.

She used it as soon as as a result of the place she was at had no sitting bathrooms.

Her knees buckled whereas she was peeing and with no railing help to tug herself up, she (fortunately) fell backwards and never inside!

The style through which she described the episode would make a superb script for a comedy scene.

In actuality, she simply has weak joints and muscle tissues from restricted train.

Have you ever ever skilled this: You’ll be able to sit on the ground with legs folded, however if you unfold them, there’s a little bit of stiffness on the knee joint?

Typically, it could take a couple of seconds/minutes of straightening the knees earlier than you’ll be able to get up and stroll comfortably once more.

In case you have, do not despair – that is an indication of ageing, however you are able to do one thing about it.


Exercising within the swimming pool, as seen on this filepic, takes half the burden off your knee joints whereas growing resistance for a superb exercise. PHOTO: The Star/Asia Information Community

As we age, because of the put on and tear of repeated movement, harm or illness, knee ache turns into a standard criticism amongst older adults – though these days, with the shortage of motion, knee ache can also be rampant amongst younger individuals.

A powerful and wholesome knee features like a well-greased machine, permitting the human physique to carry out high-intensity actions like leaping, mountain climbing and climbing, amongst others, with out ache.

Nevertheless, most individuals will expertise some type of knee ache of their lives and plenty of will discover it debilitating.

Typically, it’s attributable to osteoarthritis (the sporting away of knee cartilage), which ends up in lack of perform and joint weak point.

The knees take in an enormous quantity of stress with each step you’re taking each day. In the event you’re chubby, the stress is elevated.

Over time, the muscle tissues and ligaments surrounding the knee joint get weaker and the pads of cartilage referred to as menisci that act as shock absorbers, begin to deteriorate.

When the cartilage wears off, the bones rub towards one another and you find yourself with ache, stiffness and swelling.

At this stage, there may be nothing a lot you are able to do to salvage your knees besides to go for knee substitute surgical procedure.

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Earlier than the cartilage wears off utterly although, you’ll be able to take management by taking a well-rounded strategy to guard your knees, which incorporates strength-building, steadiness work and elevated performance via flexibility.

Strengthening the muscle tissues that help your knee will scale back stress in your knee joint.

Sturdy muscle tissues at the back and front of your thigh (quadriceps and hamstrings respectively) assist your knee joint take in shock.

When there may be much less pressure on the knee, there’s a higher likelihood for ache reduction.

Ideally, swimming or water-based exercises are greatest as a result of water absorbs a part of your weight.

As you submerge your self within the water, you’re decreasing the stress on the decrease a part of the physique, however on the similar time, you’re growing the resistance.

You do not have to know the way to swim to get into the pool as a result of strolling, kicking or jogging in water is sufficient that can assist you develop stronger leg and hip muscle tissues, whereas growing your health degree.

In the event you’re not a water lover or haven’t any entry to a pool, then strive a land-based train.


Power-building workouts like squats, lunges, bridge, leg raises and calf raises will strengthen a couple of muscle teams at one go.

As muscle imbalance is likely one of the main causes for ache and harm, make sure to work the fronts, backs and sides of your legs evenly.

In the event you’re a newbie, begin with sitting on the sting of a chair or bench along with your again straight and knees aligned. (Proper) Elevate your backside a couple of inches off the chair/bench. Maintain for 3 seconds, then carry your butt down once more to relaxation on the chair/bench. PHOTO: The Star/Asia Information Community

The squat is likely one of the greatest workouts to strengthen your knee joints as it’s a triple motion motion that works the hips, knees and ankles.

There are various variations of doing the squat, however when you’re a newbie, begin with sitting on the sting of a chair along with your again straight, knees aligned at a 90-degree angle and arms held in a prayer place.

Now, attempt to elevate your backside a couple of inches off the chair.

Maintain for 3 seconds, then carry your butt down once more to relaxation on the chair.

Repeat that train 10 instances.

To additional stabilise the knee joints, strive some standing yoga poses on two legs earlier than trying to steadiness on one leg, whereas sustaining good posture.

In case your knee is hurting it doesn’t matter what exercise you do, do not ignore the ache and push via it as a result of that is going to additional worsen the ache.

A easy technique to scale back irritation and ache is to ice the affected space for 20 minutes instantly after train.

Some actions can worsen the signs of osteoarthritis, and these embrace strolling or standing on laborious surfaces, or staying within the deep squat place whereas gardening or scrubbing flooring.

As a substitute, put on correctly cushioned sneakers or gel inserts you probably have a job or pastime that includes standing on laborious surfaces, and sit on a low stool whereas gardening.

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Additionally, do not do the identical train each day as a way to keep away from repetitive movement harm.

Fluctuate your actions, e.g. stroll on Monday, elevate weights on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday, gardening on Thursday, and so forth.

Whereas strengthening workouts construct muscle to assist help your knee, they will additionally tighten the muscle tissues. Tight muscle tissues are extra vulnerable to harm.

Light stretching after strengthening workouts reduces muscle soreness and can preserve your muscle tissues lengthy and versatile.

What you eat may have an effect on your joints, however there isn’t a particular weight-reduction plan to ease knee ache.

Nevertheless, including sure vitamins to your weight-reduction plan might help shield your joints.

Research present that common consumption of omega-Three fatty acids lowers irritation attributable to extended knee ache.

Some good sources are fish like mackerel, sardines and tuna; inexperienced leafy greens like spinach; and eggs.

Many people additionally don’t get an enough consumption of calcium and vitamin D, each of that are essential for sturdy bones and wholesome joints.

They might additionally assist to forestall osteoporosis and different bone illnesses which can be attributable to ageing.

Do not forget that a sedentary life-style is the worst attainable state of affairs to your knees. So, get shifting.

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