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Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 6 recap: Ahsoka Tano dives deeper into the underworld



Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 6 recap: Ahsoka Tano dives deeper into the underworld

2020-03-27 07:01:01

Rafa Martez nonetheless is not positive about Ahsoka Tano, however enlists her for a dangerous job.


The sixth episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ seventh and remaining season, Deal No Deal, landed on Disney Plus on Friday, persevering with Ahsoka Tano’s (Ashley Eckstein) first journey since she left the Jedi Order. Having nowhere to go, Ahsoka agrees to stay with sisters Hint and Rafa (Brigitte Kali and Elizabeth Rodriguez) for a bit longer.

Having earned Hint’s belief — Rafa stays cautious — she finally ends up going with them in Hint’s ship, the Silver Angel, after they depart Coruscant for a job that is clearly gonna be one thing. Unlawful. SPOILERS coming!


Fortune cookie

“Errors are useful classes typically realized too late.” These sensible phrases reference the errors by all three of our heroes on this episode — Rafa in all probability should not have roped her sister in on such a harmful job, Hint made their lives an entire lot harder by dropping the spice and Ahsoka’s Jedi thoughts trickery wasn’t sufficient to get them out of bother.

Echoes of Anakin

Regardless that Ahsoka opted to depart the Jedi Order, she will’t escape her previous grasp’s shadow. Earlier than they set out on their journey, Ahsoka tells Hint she realized her expertise as a mechanic at “Skywalker Academy” — a reference to Anakin’s talents.

After which as they depart Coruscant, Hint flies a bit too near a army flight lane and attracts the eye of Admiral Yularen (Tom Kane), who plans to arrest them. Nonetheless, Anakin (Matt Lanter) is on board and senses his former Padawan, so he tells the admiral to let the ship cross.

This second is sort of equivalent to the Return of the Jedi scene the place a Vader’d up Anakin permits Luke Skywalker and his buddies to cross the Imperial fleet over Endor. In each instances, Anakin is pushed by sentiment, although he was being a bit calculated as Vader (since he wished Luke to come back to him willingly).


Our heroes meet a few of Kessel’s wealthy inhabitants.


One other aspect of Kessel

It seems Rafa is bringing them to Kessel, the moderately bleak mining world we noticed in Solo and Rebels, to choose up spice. This episode reveals how the one-percenters of this world dwell, in a verdant space removed from the barren mines. In a flowery fortress, no much less. We do not meet King Aruba, whom Rafa has agreed to maneuver the spice for, so he’ll in all probability present up later.

Spice is one thing talked about fairly usually in Star Wars, however by no means defined within the motion pictures — it is a useful substance that can be utilized for medicinal functions or refined right into a extremely addictive leisure drug. Kessel is notorious for forcing slaves to do the latter, and it is clear that the batch Ahsoka, Hint and Rafa are smuggling might be used for illicit functions.

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Issues go a bit awry when Ahsoka and Rafa argue over the place they need to deliver the spice, prompting Hint to unravel the problem by merely dumping it as they journey by way of hyperspace. Sadly, that leaves them indebted to the moderately scary Pike Syndicate.

That is mainly the identical state of affairs that bought Han Solo indebted to Jabba the Hutt previous to A New Hope
, although Han dumped his spice cargo as a result of he bought boarded by the Empire.


The Pykes are fairly intimidating.


Scum and villainy

Ahsoka tries to make use of a Jedi thoughts trick to get the Pykes to take empty containers, however one in every of them is just too sharp for her — our heroes find yourself trapped.

The Pyke Syndicate joined Darth Maul’s Shadow Collective earlier within the Clone Wars, however deserted him through the Son of Dathomir comedian sequence. At this level, their bigger allegiance is unknown, however this encounter may set Ahsoka on the trail to Mandalore, the place the season’s remaining arc will happen.

Earlier than that, she’ll have to flee this sticky state of affairs. We’ll discover out when subsequent episode involves Disney Plus on April 3, and my subsequent recap will arrive that day too.

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